Jacob. I don't hope for myself, I hope for those who have none. I-/

  • liquidglue:

    on this day one year ago someone sewed a fried egg to a tshirt

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  • eridanish:

    i have never understood people who think musicals are boring/lame. they get away with way more violence, sex, social commentary, and profanity than mainstream movies do, just because its all done onstage in song form

    and thats amazing

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  • elsabeyondarendelle:

    I didn’t know this origin story, but it makes me happy on so many levels.

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  • thealphapigeon:


    It really confuses me how this is a bird


    But this is also a bird


    But this is a bird, too


    and also this


    People are always talking about cats like “wtf even are cats” and “how are cats real”

    but we should really be talking about birds. 

    Wtf are birds?

    Majestic motherfuckers that’s what you insolent bagel crumb

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